Academy of Art University’s 21st Fashion Show is a Hit

Showcasing talent, the Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion presented it’s 21st runway showcase in September, 2017. The event was hosted by Skylight Clarkson Square. For the week of September 9, the square was the official location for everything Style.


Ten recent graduates from the BFA and MFA programs were debuted. Their styles, five womenswear and two menswear collections, were presented. Two collaborations were included in the collections. There was diversity of designers and talent, ranging from mainland China to the northernmost eastern state, Maine, the variety of design came together beautifully.


The audience was impressed with the variety of ideas, silhouettes, and craftsman techniques. There were some stars of fashion in the audience this year including Ms. J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model, and the Dir. of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, Sara Kozlowski.


The fifteen minutes of runway show was a culmination of classes, workshops, internships, and finalizing of designs under the wire. The show was seen by the critical eyes of peers, mentors, and the world at large via livestream.


The Academy of Art University provides a diverse level of education in all facets of art. They have a world-renowned fashion program but also provide excellent educational opportunities in 21 additional art-based curricula, including web design, photography, industrial and interior design, jewelry and fine art.


The Academy of Art University provides both traditional and online school options to accommodate the needs of their student population. They are based in San Francisco, opening their doors in 1929. The university has always encouraged innovation and the creative mind.


Their mission is to be inclusive to all students regardless of their discipline or creative direction. They ensure that the business of art is understood to be a disciplined major with many facets outside of what the general population sees. Their faculty are seasoned artisans in the fields they teach. Each professor is expected to have the ability to teach through his or her own experience and wisdom.


The university works hard to ensure diversity of culture in an urban environment so that all students have a wealth of directions in which to gain their inspiration. Though the university is directed toward the arts, they provide an academic curriculum as well, ensuring that their undergraduate students develop critical thinking skills, communications skills, and multiple perspectives from which to acquire knowledge.


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