Author and Philanthropist Michael Zomber

In our world today, many people want to be able to give back to their communities. People often recognize the importance of sharing their knowledge with others as well as directly helping other people out financially. It is with that in mind author, historian and Japanese metalwork enthusiast Michael Zomber has done his best to help praise and donate to charitable causes of all kinds. He and his wife Andrea are well aware of the need to assist all those who need their help. They are also passionately committed to the concept of social justice both in the United States and around the world.

Many Important Causes

Zomber realizes that many important causes exist in the world. He and his wife want to make a difference in the world and make it a better place. This is why he actively advocates for organizations that help address such problems and provide people with useful solutions. Zomber has been active in causes that range from the needs of American veterans to programs such as Amnesty International that help assist people who may be facing government injustices in parts of the world where the rule of law is not always in place.

His Own Background

As a child growing up, Zomber was strongly drawn to such issues. He quickly realized that it is important to have a functional system of government that provides for all the people in any given nation or state. One of the places where Zomber found that justice was done and done well was the Samurai period of Japan. During this time in history, the nation of Japan was ruled by a small group of warriors dedicated to the notion that the use of justice also required a group willing to carry out such precepts and do their best to protect them in Japan.

Modern Notions Of Justice

After studying this period in depth, Zomber realized that this time frame has much to teach modern peoples. Since then, he has tried to provide information about this time frame in order to help people rediscover how such warriors have much to teach us today about how we preserve such codes and help make sure that all people in our society are thriving. He wants people to be aware of the lessons that we can all learn from societies where justice and honor was a priority for the people living there.  Zomber’s exoneration frames that opinion, and he’s worked hard to learn from that every day.

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