Autism Rocks for the Family

Founded with a willingness to help and the love for one’s own child, Autism Rocks has been put in place with the purpose to help with the funding of treating autism. The idea began in 2011 when an investor’s son was diagnosed with autism. This has set in motion ideas and plans for using one’s own money to fund some new types of research in order to find some effective ways to treat the condition that affects many people. By 2014, enough funding has been granted to allow for as much as 15 ongoing research projects. The man responsible for this much progress is Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah is a man of great compassion. He has also done a lot to help other children with the money gained from his work as a trader for various investment banks. He understands the desperation of a parent for answers due to dealing first hand with a struggling child. In order to help put things in motion for an effective treatment to be discovered, he has put forth the funds himself with his own charity, Autism Rocks. He also runs campaigns with GoFundMe in order to help raise up more capital for research on this condition.

Among the highlights in Sanjay Shah’s life is having Snoop Dogg come around and hang ouot with him in his garden. SanJay has seen that as a surreal time. Having these types of visits has given him the idea to stage gigs with superstars like Snoop Dogg and other performers in order to raise money for the research on Autism. Among the artists that have performed at his staged events are Prince and Lenny Kravitz. These performances have proven to be a success. Sanjay continues to run these events for research towards treating his son.

His efforts and activities towards making treatment for his son available is very inspiring. Sanjay Shah has shown in a multitude of ways the power of love. When a person loves someone so much, he can work a ton of miracles in order to make sure life is better for his loved one.

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