Being A Lawyer In Brazil

Honest self-examination and soul searching can help you determine whether you want to become a lawyer in Brazil. Moving from simple goals to specific targets is not an easy process here. Brazil laws are bound by many factors in the local, state, national and international levels. How much education represents a proficient lawyer? What do you expect in terms of this profession? How are your clients benefiting from your services? What exactly does a law service mean to you? What is your reputation as a lawyer? All these need to be considered for pursuing this career.

You will have a lot of information from your education about law and enforcement of it. Eventually, you will probably want to put what you have learned to good use by joining a company or firm that will hire you. But before you make a move into this new position, take a look at some guidelines that can help you make a great impact on yourself and society. Be specific. Establish goals that can be easily measured whenever possible. For example, you may set yourself ready to become a corporate lawyer, open your own firm, market your firm and take it from there. This is exactly what Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian lawyer did. He is now the most prominent lawyer dealing with corporate litigation, lawsuits, claims and other high-profile cases in Brazil. His clients are mainly company CEOs, public figures, celebrities and multi-national firms. Like him, set a goal like having a certain group as clients or reaching a particular level of cases. Tie those goals to specific time frames as well.

Again, be realistic. Having high expectations is great as long as they are reachable by you. You can be realistic and still aim high. Don’t sell yourself short either. If you want to make big in the next five years, go for it. Be consistent as well. Clients whose cases need to be solved are looking for a good track record in a lawyer or law firm. They are likely to choose a lawyer who has straight 2 A’s in a span of a year than 10 B’s per year. Some lawyers have a hard time maintaining this consistency that they just don’t know what to do. If that applies to you, start with an easily quantifiable goal. Maybe you want your earning raised by 50% for the initial years. Postpone that idea for now until the required consistency is reached. Do your best to gauge the cases that make up your undertakings. Be particularly careful not to overlook cases that will improve your credibility later. And every Brazilian lawyer gets a few of such cases from time to time.

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