Few people can pursue medicine and entrepreneurship the way Dr. Mark McKenna has managed to do. Dr. Mark McKenna studied medicine and graduated from Tulane University Medical School. McKenna is licensed as a medical doctor by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Examiners and has proved to be a passionate advocate for patients. He started his medical career with his father, but he maintained a focus on entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mark McKenna has spread his attention to several ventures. His entrepreneurship spirit has led to exploring opportunities both within the healthcare industry and beyond. He started McKenna Venture Investments, which focused on real estate development. He also went on to launch the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. soon after. His success in business has not been without challenges, but he has been a relentless entrepreneur.

He took entrepreneurship to the medical and healthcare sectors and started in 2007 by launching Shape Medical Wellness Centre (ShapeMed) which is located in Atlanta GA. His most recent venture is OVME, a medical aesthetics company. In an interview, Dr. Mark reveals that the idea of OVME was born out of his years of experience in the healthcare industry.

A conversation with Dr. Mark reveals he is a man committed to his family. Dr. Mark is married to Gianine McKenna, and together they have two children. His typical day does not end without having time for his daughter in the morning and the evening at dinner with the family.

Dr. Mark is visionary, and he brings ideas to life through setting goals and constant visualization. He also considers meditation to be a key ingredient of Mark’s success. An avid reader, Dr. Mark attributes the growth of his business to his habit of associating with people who are smarter than him. Looking back at his early years, he sees the value of direction rather than speed. He acknowledges that sometimes people move with speed and lose the importance of getting the direction right. Napoleon Hill’s book, think and grow rich has influenced Dr. Mark a great deal. He also draws inspiration from Barak Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon Musk.

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