Cassio Audi Develops His Financial Career After Starting Life As A Musician

In 1985, brothers Yves and Pit Passarell were living in an apartment block in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo when they decided to form a heavy metal band with their friend and neighbor Andre Matos. Soon after forming the band guitarist Felipe Machad and drummer Cassio Audi was added to the lineup to start a journey still ongoing for the members and fans of the band, Viper; Cassio Audi was already performing with other heavy metal bands around the city of Sao Paulo but achieved his greatest musical achievements with Viper.

Cassio Audi became a successful member of the heavy metal fraternity of Brazil in a short space of time before deciding to turn his back on the fame he had already achieved in 1989 to begin his financial career. It is unlikely Viper would have been such a global success had the band not benefited from the skills of Cassio Audi as a drummer with the skill to build the rhythm section of the fledgling heavy metal group; in 1985, Audi performed on two demo recordings with Viper now known as “The Killera Sword” which launched the band onto the Brazilian heavy metal scene.

Now in his third decade as one of Brazil’s leading financial and investment experts, Cassio Audi was on the verge of international success with Viper following the release of 1987s “Soldiers of Sunrise” album. As Viper prepared to record and release the 1989 album, “Theatre of Fate”, Cassio Audi made the decision to retire from the heavy metal scene and instead focus on his education and financial career. Audi’s legacy lives on with Viper and allowed him to build a brief but impressive musical career ensuring the drummer a spot in the heavy metal hall of fame.

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