ConnectUs – Bridging the Communication Gap between Prisoners, Prison Authorities and the Justice System.

Historically, the only way to address various problems faced by prisoners was to file a complaint by filling a lengthy paper form. Those who may be aware of facilitation services in the prison industry also understand that there was practically no way for prisoners to know the status of their application unless someone would tell them about the outcome. As such, thousands of paper filings regarding complaints, legal issues, medical checkup and other facilitation services went unnoticed. For prison authorities, it was always difficult to deal with thousands of papers every month because it needed a dedicated staff who could retrieve, process and store such massive amounts of information. As a result, a large proportion of such appeals had the tendency to get lost in piles of papers. As for prisoners, it meant that they were kept in the dark.

How ConnectUs is Helping Prisons?

To address such problems, Securus Technologies has release ConnectUs application, which allows prisoners to fill online forms enabling them to not only fill the application themselves but also get information about the status of their application. Keeping in view the problems faced by prisoners, ConnectUs can send the data to prison authorities in real-time enabling them to process the request quickly and efficiently.

Actually, it is not only the prisoners who are benefiting from the application. According to a recent analysis by Securus Technologies, prisons using the new systems are saving 65 percent of the time that was traditionally allocated to such tasks. Considering that ConnectUs is processing nearly 13.8 applications per prisoners on a monthly basis, the cost and time savings must be huge. Already, Securus Technologies is getting recommendations from numerous prison facilities around the United States. Hopefully, ConnectUs will bridge the communication gap between prisoners, prison authorities and the justice system.

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