Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Empire

If you have yet to hear of Doe Deere, you will. The creator of Lime Crime, a cosmetic line described on their website as Makeup for Unicorns, has been named one of the Top Inspiring Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. In an interview with online publication Galore, Stephanie Janetos got to the heart of this artist turned entrepreneur.

As a self-described artistic child, Doe would use colors to express herself, whether through paint or her mother’s makeup, Doe’s obsession with colors would be the start of her future. As most young girls did, Doe and her friends would experiment with makeup at slumber parties, including one particular sleepover that involved dressing like witches. To the surprise of most people, Doe proclaimed she was not as great with makeup in her earlier days as she is now. It was a journey of experimenting with different products that brought her to the creation of Lime Crime in 2008.

So how did Doe come up with the name Lime Crime? Simply because it’s what popped into her head and the name was available. She loved that it represented her favorite color…that bright lime green, and it was a rhyming name as well. Dealing with an internet based business as any business will have its ups and downs, but Doe Deere stays positive and ignoring the negativity that comes along with being in the public eye.

Doe Deere’s unique name for her fans, Unicorns, comes from the idea that “Unicorns are people who are born different, are aware of it and proud.” She goes on to say that it takes a specific person to wear the bold shades that Lime Crime creates, and describes her clientele as those who are brave, love color, and defy expectations.

As far as personal inspirations, Deere named Dita von Teese as well as friends of hers from Instagram, Elena and Stella Rose.

When asked about being named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Deere said it was surreal to see herself next to the likes of other female legends in the business world, Suzy Orman and Arianna Huffington. Stating that she loves what she does and hopes to make a fine role model to other women looking to start their own business.

Doe Deere is bringing her bright colors and Unicorns to the world, and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future.

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