Doe Deere: How Lime Crime began


Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is a force to be seen. A unique beauty with a radical and innovative taste, she has brought this style to her company Lime Crime. This Queen of the Unicorns shared her success story and her passion for her vibrantly colored style.

This Russian born beauty spent the first seventeen years of her life in her home country. Then she moved to New York, a fashion mecca in the United States. Her experiences have helped to shape her fashion knowledge. She has always been a very imaginative and ambitious person. She moved to New York to become a musician.

The musician experience helped her to learn about career and marketing skills necessary for her future e-commerce business. Her first business was at 13 and she always wanted to be a bit of an entrepreneur. She knew people looked to her to set style trends, because her first business was temp tattoos. She wore her own tattoos to show people how cool they could be.

She now lives in Los Angeles, but she goes back to New York to visit. 14 years of her life were spent in the big apple. She goes back to her old city because she connects it with her music background. Her time as a musician is how she met her husband.

Her advice to young women is to listen you what you love. Follow your heart. She believes that everyone was born with a unique gift to give to the world, and people should follow their ambitions. Deere followed her passion into making a make up company as bright and beautiful as her.

She uses hues that most people don’t, like bright blue and deep red. She mixes the color palette in an unconventional way, which is why she is the Queen of the Unicorns. Doe Deere is truly an innovative leader for the magical and unusual makeup company and its fans. Makeup is more than cover up for blemishes. She believes it can be the way someone expresses their beauty and themselves.


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