Doe Deere’s Beauty Philosophy


Doe Deere is a fashion CEO with a difference, a big difference. Doe Deere loves colors, and she gains a lot of inspiration from the wildly fantastical feelings she gets from seeing Unicorn imagery. Somehow all of that comes into play in Deere’s innovative, boldly colorful makeup line, Lime Crime.

Following Her Own Path

Deere began Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008, with the goal of creating a makeup line
that really speaks to young women today and the bold ways they love to use color and make an individual statement about beauty. Her unusual style and striking looks make her a great model for the makeup line, and her own makeup tutorials have gained a following online. Other tutorial makeup artists often use her makeup in their lessons, which has also spread the word about Lime Crime.

Living the Fashion Life

Before she launched her cosmetics lines, Deere was involved in many other artistic pursuits. She had a fashion line through eBay, and she created dresses and other pieces inspired by Japanese Lolli styles. All of this helped her to incubate some of the ideas that have come through in the Lime Crime makeup line.

Deere also has an online presence with her website It’s there that she calls herself the “Unicorn Queen,” and it is where she embraces and plays with many of her ideas about style and how it plays out for each woman in clothes and makeup. She is also a regular presence on Twitter and Instagram, and she even has a fan club called Team Candyfuture.

Though born in Russia, she grew up in New York, and she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their three cats. Today Los Angeles is the center of her creative life, where she continues to work with color and introduce new ideas through Lime Crime.

As far as Deere is concerned, Lime Crime is just beginning to be the fashion influence it is meant to be. From a great start as an online makeup company, to its presence today as a real fashion influencer, there’s no doubt that Deere is going places with lime Crime. Keep watching out for those colorful unicorns, soon to be seen in makeup stores everywhere.

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