Dog Food And The Way That Advertiser Promote It

The average person that watches television may notice that there are some commercials that are missing from television. There may be a ton of commercials on things like movie trailers, cars and restaurants. When it comes to dog food, however, the number of commercials that are shown has decreased over the years. This is no longer the most effective way to market dog food. Since dog food advertisements are only relevant to a select group, there are not others ways for companies to reach their customer base. One big way is through the websites. Brands like Beneful have become much easier to research through the websites. The Beneful’s Yahoo website will give customers a ton of information on the different types of ingredients that are found with their growing list of products. There are more than a couple of snacks and meals that customers of Beneful may want to research. This website has a neat organization of the various dog food varieties along with information about their ingredients that are contained. Another thing that has become a better marketing tool for dog food companies is social media. There are a lot of people that will post things on Facebook about their dogs along with what their dogs will and will not eat. This gives consumers a lot of helpful information as well. There are also people that follow brands like IAMS and Purina through their apps. Marketing has suddenly become a lot more effective this way, and that is the major reason that people have become so much more in tune with the Internet. They can research consumer reviews and may wiser choices about what they get. There was a time when consumers were simply walking blind when it came to dog food. Dogs cannot talk so the dog owner couldn’t get feedback from the pets. They had to simply rely on what was stated on the product labels and packaging. Social media has given people access to more reviews from dog lovers that are trying to help other dog lovers out. It’s the new world of pet food product marketing.

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