Drastic changes in Doe Deere cosmetics

Reading the different articles about this line of cosmetics had me excited and nervous all at the same time as with any new trend you wonder if it will look good on you. I’m only stating that it’s a trend because as times quicken so do the trends they come in like a roaring lion but then fade out like spring. I am new to the make-up industry of the Lime Crime products, I am one who can’t wait to try them since I do love vibrant colors i.e. my hair is Raspberry red. I believe the new colors that Doe Deere has shown on her website are magnificent and fit into the times as they are rapidly changing for us (woman) to do everything bigger, brighter and better. Her line of colors are innovative, fresh and bold for the newbies of this generation. A lot of the colors are wild and more futuristic but go well with the hair dyes and colors you can wear now a days along with the brilliant way that they are designing clothes, shoes, socks and even underwear. Doe Deere of doedeere.com seems to be a very driven business woman who doesn’t take defeat lying down. She had a rocky start as a fashion design student, when that proved unsatisfying she moved to the music industry and tried her hand at being a musician. Once that had sizzled out she found herself back into her original love of clothes and art she decided to use her beauty to become a model. While she was modeling she saw the great opportunity for herself and need for woman to always beautify there selves with make-up and she smartly decided to contribute to this industry. The next step was to try to reach as many people as she could and what way to do that but with the internet which has captivated most of the world. Once she saw that her first few colors were a grand hit the only thing she couldn’t do was stop pushing out more colors. PHAMExpo has been a great help in launching her waterproof primer , the clueless witch collection and her favorite cosmetic line idea came from the 70’s era and her favorite movie ‘Almost Famous’ it is called Last Dance with Penny Lane this lipstick is famous for going from a liquid form for added moister then dries down to a matte its kiss and wipe proof. Once it’s on you will have to scrub hard and traces will still be left on your lips the next day. Doe Deere states “Being you is the best business you can be.” She expresses how she wants her cosmetics to free woman to be who they want to be. We see that happening a lot with famous stars like Niki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are quickly being what we see in all our teenage daughters.

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