Even Though I’m Only 13, I Know My Dog Loves Beneful

I’m only 13 years old, but my parents decided to give me a dog. I couldn’t have been more excited when I got my dog because I thought he was the greatest thing in the world. I still think my pet is great, but I learned that caring for a pet is not an easy thing to do. My parents make me wash the dog whenever he gets dirty, and it can get pretty messy. I always used to bathe the dog in the tub in the bathroom downstairs, but he made too big of a mess, so my parents now make me give him a bath outside. I learned the hard way to bathe the dog when it’s daylight because there are a lot of mosquitoes outside when it gets dark, so I end up with mosquito bites. I still love caring for my dog, and I also get to choose the food that he eats. I feed my dog food every time he’s hungry, and my parents have given me all the responsibility to care for my pet. Not only have I learned to care for my dog, but in caring for the dog I’ve learned to care for myself as well. I learned that the leftover foods I used to give the dog will make him sick, so I even stopped eating the food myself because I believe if it’s not good enough for my dog, then I shouldn’t be eating it! Maybe I’m young and naïve, and that’s why I think along these lines, but my parents say that everyone should have good food, including dogs. I chose to get Beneful dog food because it’s something I saw on TV, and I thought that the dog would like to have something different. I don’t know much about people who create dog food, but I know the dog food company that makes Beneful is a very good one. The dog food that my pet eats is something that he can’t stop eating once he gets started. I’ll pour a small bowl of food for the dog, and by the time I close the bag and put it away, he’s finished with his meal. I started giving my dog greater portions of food, and he eats all of it because he loves Petco’s Beneful. I talked my parents into buying Beneful because they wanted to buy the cheap brand of dog food at the pet store. I know I see a difference in my dog because of what he’s eating, and he has much better breath now too. I had my parents buy dental sticks from Beneful, and it’s amazing how much better his breath smells. I used to cover my nose when my dog would breathe in my face, but now, his breath smells much fresher, and it makes it easier to give the dog a kiss on the cheek! Although I’m young and still learning how to care for my dog, I know that I would choose Beneful over any other kind of dog food.

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