Fabletics’ Success Under The Revolutionary Management Of Actress Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics. It is a fashion brand that has managed to be a huge competitor of Amazon in the fashion industry. Both companies thrive on a futuristic model that mostly relies on data and technology. Kate Hudson became a force to reckon in the fashion industry and the world of business when she partnered with corporate gurus Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Together they founded a brand that specializes in providing active-wear solutions to the customers. Fabletics has considerations for the plus size woman. It has done so by looking into their specifications before making their garments. Therefore the outfits get to fit an individual customer regardless of their size.


Reverse showrooming is a technique relied on by the company. This strategy ensures that the consumer gets to retain Fabletics as their preferred brand since it makes them understand that every outfit at the company was made with the customer in mind. Reverse showrooming has dramatically aided Fabletics. Through it, they can gather vast amounts of consumer specifications that help them in designing and customizing clothes.


When one wants to be part of Fabletics, they join by signing up for membership through the company’s website or mobile applications. One can either be a VIP member or a regular member. VIP membership helps one to be informed of the best designs offered at Fabletics stores. This is done monthly, and it attracts a monthly subscription fee. Among the unique features that are enjoyed by a VIP member is the ability to turn their subscription into an equivalent amount for shopping on the platform. In a month that one does not want to incur subscription fees, they can skip. Good news is that the monthly rate shall not be deducted from their accounts.


Fabletics is quickly but undoubtedly contributing to the fashion landscape of the United States. It is bound to register even more growth in the days yet to come. Not long ago, the company made public its plans to expand their product scope by providing trendy sneakers that can be paired with the leggings or yoga pants sold by Fabletics.


With the daily penetration and growth of the internet, many companies are seen to streamline their delivery channels. Fabletics is expected to take over the fashion industry when it comes to active-wear. More women are embracing active-wear because they can do them both at the gym and at the workplace. Through Kate Hudson’s innovative style of marketing, Fabletics is undoubtedly eating into the fashion e-commerce market that has for a long time been Amazon’s. Many fashion analysts believe Fabletics is a force to reckon and a formidable competitor to Amazon. They envision it eating further into the market that has long been enjoyed by Amazon. With robust marketing and sale strategies that leverage the power technology, we won’t be surprised when Fabletics overtakes Amazon as the leading activewear brand across the globe. Kate Hudson’s commitment to the growth of the company has been termed as passionate.

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