Find A New Look With Lime Crime Makeup

A fun part of being a woman is makeup. Changing your look to suit your mood or the occasion or just because. Any makeup aficionado will tell you that some makeup is more fun than others are. Such is the case with Lime Crime makeup.

Older makeup companies are good at the tried and true. That tube of red lipstick you’ve worn since college and still makes you feel like a million bucks when you put it on. That foundation that makes your skin look as smooth as silk. That concealer that will make you look fresh as a daisy no matter what kind of bacchanalian revel you participated in the night before. Every woman has and needs these work horses in her makeup bag.

However, what about the makeup for that bacchanalian revel? Where’s the makeup for that or any other time when you feel like going a little outside the tried and true makeup arena? Well, that’s where Lime Crime makeup comes in. Lime Crime is a young makeup company making makeup for young women or women who like to embrace their younger side from time to time. The Lime Crime palate is vibrant and rich and the finishes are innovative and unexpected. Looking for zebra glitter eye shadow for your eyelids or orchid lipstick for your lips? The folks at Lime Crime have you covered. Speaking of lips, why settle for matte or shiny when there are options like opaque and velvetines?

Lime Crime is competitively priced on Amazon with the rest of the mid to high range cosmetic companies so picking up a few pieces for that special occasion will not break the bank. However, Lime Crime makeup users tend to find it addictive, so don’t be surprised if that one tube of lip gloss that caught your eye doesn’t lead to a whole new makeup wardrobe. Lime Crime makeup is not for the shy and demure but even the shy and demure have a wild side and Lime Crime makeup Is the makeup for that side of a woman’s personality.

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