George Soros’ Position on Energy Stocks

George Soros is one of the most interesting, intelligent and influential people in the world. But he suffers from limited recognition, and what many know of this billionaire, turned philanthropist, is information controlled by the conservative media. Many sense that he is not a knight in shiny armour when in fact he is. As Americans are becoming more intelligent and better read (thanks in large part to the internet), they are changing their world view and are abandoning their fears of new ideas and concepts, as they further explore the new opinions surfacing on internet news programs and other world information news sources. News programs such as The Young Turks, RT, even Al-Jeezera are being watched on the internet by news consumers who are looking for a wider perspective on what is happening in the world today.

Soros, with his Open Society Foundation is dedicated to governmental transparency and the integration of the people into their political systems. He wants to see a truly representational democracy become the model for governments around the globe.
Soros has directly witnessed and even been a victim of several forms of governance, from his childhood in Turkey during the Second World War where he witnessed the effects of both fascism in the form of the Nazi aggression, to the imprisonment of the spirit of the people by communism. Upon emigrating to England he witnessed a representational monarchy and finally on moving to the United States of America, he was able to see firsthand the democratic ideals of our founding fathers at work, at a golden time of economic and personal freedom. He is lucky to be alive and we are lucky to have him as a component affecting our current thinking both politically and financially. This is a strange time when one person running for political office has nothing to offer but an overly large ego as proof for his worth as a candidate.
The reason for Soros’ forming his Open Society Foundation was to expand concepts of freedom into world governments and because he has made billions of dollars in the world money markets, he could afford to undertake such an operation.
Soros continues to have numerous investments and writes extensively about economic conditions and politics and how they interact. Recently, during an interview with The Street it was disclosed that Soros Fund Management, Soros’s investment company, sold all its shares of Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy. With the continuing devaluation of the price for petroleum, this may be a wise move or simply a readjustment by a savvy investor in a fluid world market. Read the full article here: Your text to link…

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