Herding Dogs Love Beneful Dog Food

We have a farm in North Carolina. We have been raising cattle as well as herding dogs for many years. Our dogs have been eating Beneful dog food for years. They love the taste and always have loads of energy. We did try feeding our dogs a cheaper dog food but the dogs could tell the difference in the taste and they had a lot less energy. We do not stray from the Beneful dog food on Purina Store now because we need our dogs to be at peak performance. They have to be ready to run the cattle when we need them to. Herding dogs are very energetic and Beneful gives them the nutrition they need to keep them that way. Many people try purchasing dog foods that are cheap and made of fillers. These foods are foods that most dogs dislike. If you pour them a bowl of the cheaper food, they more than likely will leave it in the bowl. According to the article in the Daily Herald, dog food producing companies are in the process of creating dog foods that taste good and are full of healthy ingredients. Dog food companies such as Milo, Purina, Blue Buffalo, and Caesars from Mars are taking another look at dog foods and how we want to feed our furry friends. Yes, these foods may cost more but they will be full of nutrition and good taste. If your dog is working hard for you, why not give him the very best? With our herding dogs, we are always watching the dogs for any signs of sickness or weakness. So far, the dogs are doing great. We believe in Beneful and will continue to feed our dogs Purina Beneful for the balance of their lives. We are not going to change for any dog foods that are more expensive or cheaper because our foods are nutritionally sound. The cows get a work out from our dogs. Our dogs are doing their job and we are more than happy to keep them healthy and happy.

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