Igor Cornelsen: What Does It Take To Succeed in the Investment World?

Igor Cornelsen’s prowess in investment, most of which was gained during his long-standing career as an investment banker, has earned him a name in Brazil. He now features among the most respected Brazilian investors whose economic views cause ripples in the business world. Even long after his retirement from active involvement in the banking industry, newbie and experienced investors still approached him seeking advice on what it takes to succeed in the financé and investment world.

This prompted the long-term investment analyst to open an analyst and investment academy, Bainbridge Investment Inc. Using this platform Igor can now answer this comfortably while teaching mentoring these young investors on how to go about making a profit out of the complicated investment world. In response to what it takes to succeed here, Igor Cornelsen argues that:

One must be ready to diversify

Igor Cornelsen holds the opinion that stock markets are quite volatile. Upon maturity, your investments might not always yield the expected revenues. This volatility effectively ushers in the need for diversified investments. The investment analyst, therefore, advises his Bainbridge students to consider in multiple and unrelated industries as a means of spreading risk and increasing profitability.

One should start early

The investment industry is quite complicated. Now and then, the market pulls off a surprise move that either catapults you to profitability or spells doom for your trades. Starting early on in life, therefore, gives you ample time to familiarize with market strategies by the time you commit to trading investments full time. Starting early, however, doesn’t necessarily mean starting small provided you have an experienced mentor to hold your hand.

Avoid euphoric trades and stocks

Igor Cornelsen believes that the most popularized investment options aren’t always the best to dip your hard earned cash in, regardless of their profitability. To a large extent, this explains why the banker who made a significant portion of this wealth in the investment world has chosen to keep off the cryptocurrency markets. He echoes sentiments issued by other notable influencers that such euphoric investments often experience unprecedented volatilities that make forecasting on their trends almost impossible.

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