Jay Z’s Tidal Appears to be Receiving a Directional Boost From Desiree Perez


Who Is Des Perez?

The music streaming service Tidal is steadily gaining members and appreciation for its High Fidelity sound quality and its High Definition music videos. This artist-owned venture, currently owned by 16-celebrity stakeholders, has been in the media a lot lately thanks to several album exclusives it has concurrently released. These include works from co-owners Beyonce, Kanye West and Rihanna. Founder Jay Z has included his own release specifically for his audience, but many in the business do not believe it is only his talent and connections that are causing the stir and garnering such high-class talent to move to the app. For that, many believe it is the leadership abilities of his longtime friend Des Perez that has helped the company to see an astounding one million new users trying out the service over the last few months.


Desiree Perez is the CEO of SC Enterprises and leads Roc Nation Sports (a branch of Jay Z’s Roc Nation) with her husband Juan Perez. She is known in the sports and entertainment business as a forceful leader who gets things done. It is believed that it is she, and the same team that has been running Roc Nation Sports, that are now controlling the operation of Tidal as well. The effort is not unnecessary. In its short time in operation, many of the initial executives have left Tidal and the company is already on its third CEO. As a business associate to Jay-Z for over 20 years, it is not surprising that she would step in to assist with this potentially groundbreaking, but struggling, platform.


The changes that matter the most have been less about who has what title, but more about providing the young target audience with what they want. They have updated the service to offer the newest and the latest releases, rather than relying on an extensive inventory of outdated music. With the powerful leadership of a business professional like Des Perez and the ability of Jay Z to know what music is likely to strike gold, the partnership is a potentially profitable opportunity. Jay Z is seeking to encourage listeners to appreciate the value of good music and to be willing to pay for that music when it arrives. This is why so much attention has been spent on making the listening and viewing experience as high in quality as possible.

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