Learn How Mike Baur Has Created An Innovation Hub To Boost Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur has made headlines in the recent past for the great achievements he has made through the Swiss Startup Factory, which is offering young entrepreneurs an innovation hub and a space where they can launch their creative ideas and build businesses from scratch. Mike worked as a banker for at least 15 years before he exited and started his journey as an entrepreneur and his project launched through the Swiss Startup Factory has been viewed as a key to success among many young entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


The company currently stands out as the biggest and most focused incubation hub in the whole country. With such a positive rating, it is an achievement to Mike as he can easily explore the different ideas young entrepreneurs have and help them achieve their dreams. To learn how he has contributed towards nurturing entrepreneurs, here are some of the things startups can access at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Leadership and management

One of the most basic elements of a business and what determines how the business performs against competition is management, and this is what many startups lack. The market is dynamic and any new business that looks forward to make steps that could lead to success is supposed to appreciate this fact and work on getting the required managerial skills that can enhance productivity and competitiveness.


The Swiss Startup Factory offers startups access to professional advice and expert intervention that allows them to enjoy professional assistance that touches on the basics of leadership and management.


Business development

The development process includes building, measuring and learning the effects of some elements in the environment and applying some measures that are directed towards enhancing the performance of a business. A startup may be founded on a good idea but lack of progressive ideas and the spirit to grow and change could render the rather good idea weak.


Access to finance

Once the startups are incubated at the Swiss Startup Factory, what follows is the financing process that allows them to kick off. Through partnerships and invitations, the Swiss Startup Factory offers startups access to financing options that allow them to fuel their plans.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is a professional whose academic records speak success and dedication. He holds both an Executive MBA and an MBA and he pursued Finance and Banking. In 2014, he made a decision that is helping hundreds when he quit his banking position to establish the Swiss Startup Factory.

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