Lime Crime Brings Daydreams to Life

Ask any woman about the most personal thing in her life and there’ll typically be a lot of answers. But those answers will often forget some of the most vital elements of life. The most important things are often the easiest to forget because they become a part of one’s own being. And perhaps the best example of this can be found with makeup.

Makeup is how many, even most, women show the world their personality. Obviously actions speak the loudest. But before one can say something on meeting people, before one can do anything, there will be a moment of pure visual appraisal. And that single moment in time can be of immense importance. And this is where makeup comes in. It allows people to show the world their inner feelings right on their face. But what happens when no available makeup can match one’s inner perceptions? What if the available makeup isn’t quite as wild and wonderful as one desires? That was the problem a woman named Doe Deere faced. And it was how a brand called Lime Crime from arrived on the market.

Doe Deere is both a fashion expert and a performer. She was well aware of the importance of image to every aspect of life. And she was also in a unique position to really gauge the benefits and limitations of the various makeup brands on the market. Someone who’s an expert in appearance can leverage that to almost any other similar situation. Doe Deere knew her look, and she knew that she wasn’t achieving everything she wanted with it. She brought a bit more expertise to the situation than most would. But aside from that, it’s hardly an unfamiliar position for a lot of women. And Doe Deere would soon realize the impact of that fact of life as she began work creating what would eventually be known as Lime Crime makeup.

Doe Deere originally made Lime Crime for herself. It was a more wild and vibrant type of makeup than anything she’d been able to find on the market. But she quickly found that a lot of other women were in the same position. A lot of women didn’t even know that they wanted a look like that until they saw Doe Deere wearing it. This continual interest is what changed Lime Crime from hobby to business. There’s only so much demand that a person can meet before needing to scale up production.

Since those early days Lime Crime has become synonymous with a certain style. It’s a luxurious high quality makeup that provides a match for people who have a really unique style. The focus is usually on a more wild and fantastical way to see the world, or a more dreamlike and surreal feel. In fact, Doe Deere often says that the makeup is a way to make one’s daydreams come true. The reality can easily be seen with Doe Deere herself. She’s often both creator and model for Lime Crime. And the pure creativity that’s possible can easily be seen with the wide variety of looks she’s been able to create.

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