Lip Balm that Suits All Skin Types

Evolution of Smooth is a New York based company that has taken off worldwide. The new lip balm company has appealed too many by their balm design and the fact that it will truly moisturize and protect your lips from dryness. The formula of Evolution of Smooth is like no other, where dermatologists have tested and tried the balm to be a natural and soothing balm.

Evolution of Smooth is created with shea butter, vitamins, nutrients and jojoba oils. The natural ingredients enrich the moisture of the lips without having any filler to harm your skin. Dermatologists tested to find out the balm contain no parabens or petroleum. Little do many know that petroleum is an active ingredient in many lip balms. However, the skin on your lips cannot absorb the petroleum, leaving them dry.

The company recently changed their ingredients to become a 95% organic lip balm. This appeals to a greater market since many women experience reactions to some cosmetics. Evolution of Smooth is also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. This lip balm has turned into a product that suits many different skin types without harm. Women are able to truly get a moisture balm that works with a hint of savory flavor. For more info, visit the website,, and check out the gallery of EOS lip balm products on Facebook.

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