Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Identify What Is Next For Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has made a lot of changes in the way that leadership is established and maintained. Over the year he has consistently contributed to multiple aspects of diversification and resource allocation. He is presently holding both the position of CEO as well as of President. Because the bylaws of Bradesco Banco prevent a single person from holding both of the positions, it has been becoming increasingly important that the successor be chosen.

According to Banco Bradesco has been served well under the leadership of Lazaro Brandao for more than twenty five years. As he has been stepping down from such a long and spanning career it is clear to see that he has contributed in a steadfast way to the betterment of the bank on a whole. The corporate culture that he has supported facilitates the best results when promoting from within. This tradition has been in place for sometime, as those with the best reputation and longest duration in office are frequently given promotions and raises. The overall benefits of this method and structure have served the bank well, as leadership consistently is able to address problem solving as well as other aspects of infrastructure with a sense of purpose and ease.

Now that the position of CEO must be filled there is a lot of discussion on who will be responsible for Banco Bradesco in the coming years. Some of the ways that this bank has been promoted include in the variegated use of services. The future points to more branding and better distribution of virtual banking processes. Brandao has advocated this and emphasized its important with regards to the way that chairmen of the board should pay attention to changes that happen in coming years.


There are a lot of different ways that changes have been seen in the infrastructure from the seven top level executives. Their actions have consistently shaped decision making as well as core standards of operation in diverse aspects of system design and implementation. For example, human resources, investment banking, information technology as well as branch services are just some of the areas that the executives being considered for CEO will be coming from.

By spearheading change and having long standing reputations that span more than a quarter century in some cases, it is evident that Banco Bradesco is a prestigious environment for the many notable executives. It is the second largest bank in Brazil based on market value and has contributed greatly to the way that project implementation is carried out at multiple levels.

Overall there are some advanced practices that have been established by each of these seven notable individuals.

The first candidate, Mauricio Machado de Minas has been a well established member of the information technology department at Bradesco Bank. He has helped to implement novel strategies for digital transactions as well as customer facing designs. His efforts have contributed greatly to the way that organizations have developed has he leverages years of previous experiences in similar roles from within the industry.

Alexandre de Silva Gluher is another candidate who has been gaining significant acclaim for his work. He has created a lot of improvements to the way that organizations and infrastructure are developed. He also has crafted unique solutions in light of the recent merger and acquisition of retail centers formerly owned by HSBC. This is a notable occurrence as it was one of the largest commercial acquisitions of its kind in the history of banking around the world. He demonstrated versatile skills as well as precise attention to detail that has influenced the way that project management takes place at large.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco works as CEO and chairman. He started as clerk and works in different departments of the bank like vice-president, marketing director, and president.

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