Majeed Ekbal Launches GoFundMe Earthquake Relief Fund For Nepal

The Nepalese earthquakes earlier this year caused devastation to hundreds of villages and settlements throughout Nepal. Very few humanitarian projects have been initiated to address this immediate crisis. Through a GoFundMe campaign, Majeed Ekbal, a real estate investor in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area has dedicated his time and expertise to forming a charity effort that will directly benefit the victims of these natural disasters.

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor who has been active in the Chicagoland area for more than 15 years. He is recognized as an expert in marketing and new business development with a focus on global marketing, digital branding, and revenue generation. His skills are perfectly suited to assist campaigns that are centered around international humanitarian needs.

Majeed has close personal friends who are directly affected by the earthquake crisis in Nepal, and he is spearheading an online effort to generate a fund that is solely dedicated to meeting the new needs of a people in crisis. He has chosen GoFundMe as a central online location for individuals to donate to the humanitarian efforts throughout Nepal. His GoFundMe campaign is managed with expertise, and will benefit only people in need.

The goal of Mr. Ekbal’s GoFundMe campaign is to raise at least $1 million dollars that will be directly given to the victims of the Nepalese earthquakes. There is an extreme need for money to rebuild homes, secure regional transportation, and provide essentials like clothing, medicine, and baby care items. This GoFundMe campaign is designed to capitalize on the generosity of the worldwide internet community, and will support only the displaced and needy people in Nepal.

As an influential business leader in Chicago, Mr. Ekbal has garnered the support of many large grocery chains for his Nepalese relief fund. He has helped to institute consumer choice options in stores for donations, as well as, high profile awareness programs that are linked to his GoFundMe project. With the help of viral online exposure, this earthquake relief effort could generate incredible assistance for a people who desperately require help from the entire world.

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