Norkas’ “Miracle”

Norka comes from a women fighters family. Hence, when she said it would end high school in Miami and from there travel to France to continue his studies, with only 17 years, both her mother and her grandmother applauded and encouraged her to move forward. Again I support they offer little more than one year, when the girl told them that her time on french lands was over and that she was pursuing his musical dream, which today has materialized in his first album Miracle.

“The duty of us mothers is to support children and give them wings to fly, to leave the nest but with wide open wings,” says excited Norka Luque’s, her mother, who was “Miss little princess” in his native Venezuela, the same contest in which the actress Maria Conchita Alonso and Elluz Peraza participated.

“I married very young, I married at 18 and at 21 was born Norka, who is 25, Veruska, 22 and Mariuska, which is the smallest. My daughters are my oxygen and have been the engine of my life” today says the entrepreneur, who says that the will to fight for their dreams both inherited it from her mother. “My mom has almost 80 years and has always been our couch. In fact, the singer side of my daughter comes from my mom who is the cutest of the family. And the one who taught us to at that time.

She returned to the United States and willing to make her way in the music world, Norka Luque, could not imagine by any chance that she was in a meeting where Emilio Estefan was.

“When I saw that Emilio Estefan was at the meeting, I told myself ‘this is my chance’. I approached him and just talked to him. I said I had a project and wanted to talk a little more with him, he is a super nice person and immediately he gave me an appointment. ” The result of that meeting was so positive that today Estefan is the producer of her first album Miracle, whose name the singer says laughing is because it is “a true miracle”.

The promotional single “As you do it,” composed by Archie Peña and Jorge Luis Chacin, is playing hard in Latino radio stations in the United States and the Caribbean. The singer defines his album as an “unusual mixture of sounds.” In addition to the dedicated producer Emilio Estefan, also, the production level was supported by Archie Peña, Cuco Peña and the Gaitan brothers. “For me this is like a dream come true. It is an illusion for any artist working with big producers like them and I had the opportunity to do my first album, it’s amazing,” says the girl who besides all vocalization level effort that involved producing this work, I had to make other sacrifices as “lose more than sixty pounds, for years I lived in France, it left me a lot of learning and a few more pounds.” Learn more about Luque and her upcoming performances on her website.


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