Oncotarget Facilitating Information Sharing on Colorectal Cancer

Worldwide, colorectal cancer ranks third amongst the most common cancers after breast and lung cancer. Over 1.3 million new colorectal cancer cases are reported annually on a global basis. About 25% of colorectal cancer suffer metastatic disease during diagnosis while another 50% develop the disease after diagnosis. 50% of the colorectal cancer patients are likely to develop liver metastases, and about 347,000 patients have the RAS wild-type tumors. A malignant tumor in the liver known as hepatic metastases is a consequence of colorectal cancer. The presence of hepatic metastases alters the treatment plans as well as the outcomes significantly. For this reason, the Gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI is popular in the assessment of colorectal cancer liver metastasis. A study published by Onctotarget sort to analyze and explain factors that affect the enhancement pattern of colorectal cancer liver metastasis and clinical outcomes in a gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI.

As such the research also investigated factors linked with hepatobiliary phase (HBP) enhancement during the MRI and determine the use of the HBP images in predicting the prognosis of cancer liver metastasis patients. From the study, nodules that had OATPIB3, an organic anionic transporting polypeptide, had a higher relative intensity and relative enhancement ratio on the HBP image when compared with the others.In a bid to enhance the research and data on colorectal cancer, IntegraGen released the outcomes of analysis of miR-31-3p expression in tumor samples through Oncotarget. The paper primarily focused on patients with KRAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer sampled from the NEW EPOC clinical trial. The overarching objective was to determine whether the miR-31-3p expression levels in these patients can be an alternative diagnostic tool in identifying potential beneficiaries from the targeted anti-EGFR therapy. The publication will add more knowledge on the advantages of analyzing miR-31-3p in tumors from metastatic colorectal cancer patients. Also, IntegraGen launched the miRpredX 31-3P kit to help medical practitioners measure the expression levels of miR-31-3P.Even as the fight against cancer strengthens, Oncotarget purposes to increase the reach and availability of scientific result.

The multidisciplinary journal’s objectives are to maximize the effects of research, allow speedily sharing of significant discoveries, eliminate border impediments, enhance the application of clinical and basic science in fighting illnesses and to link various biomedical science fields. Oncotarget releases publications on a weekly basis accessible for free online and printed on a special demand basis. With experienced and prominent scientists as leaders, Oncotarget assists other researchers to contribute to the body of knowledge on the progress of science. The ultimate goal for Oncotarget is to have a life without diseases. Other than research on oncology, Oncotarget also publishes papers on cell biology, metabolism, pharmacology, endocrinology, cardiology, and neuroscience among others. Over the year, Oncotarget has gained popularity due to the timely, insightful, meaningful and multiple peer-reviewed papers. Oncotarget hopes to continue impacting research by realizing new quality issues every Tuesday and Friday. Through PubMed, Oncotarget releases the accepted articles to accelerate the sharing of valuable scientific information.Oncotarget has the leading number of documents in all journals in Oncology between 2015 and 2016 and ranks Q1 in oncology and medicine.

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