Premium Dog Food Becoming a Trend for Dog Owners

Healthy high quality pet food is becoming extremely popular according to a wikipedia article. Pet food is becoming more like people food as demonstrated by a recent tour of the FreshPet manufacturing facility where chief executive officer, Richard Thompson, ate the food off the assembly line. Dog owners are becoming more choosy when it comes to food for their pets. Some want food that is more like people food; others are looking for grain free or certified organic foods. Many companies have come onto the market promising the best for dogs. Many Wall Street experts are skeptical how long these pet food companies will be on the market considering the expense of producing premium dog food. Many big name companies are stepping up to offer exactly what pet owners want for less than newer companies. Along with these big name companies is Purina which offers its premium line, Beneful. Beneful came onto the market in 2001 with a highly successful campaign that introduced the food as looking and tasting more like people food. A Healthy Harvest line was offered in 2005 that offered soy as the main protein. The product appealed to more health conscious dog owners. Beneful has always operated with the highest quality standards exceeding every FDA, USDA or AAFC industry safety requirement. Top employees are highly trained in pet nutrition and safety standards. Every ingredient brought into the plant is of the highest quality. Vendor farms are audited often to ensure safety and high quality of items produced for Beneful dog food. Beneful was the first to market their dog food as being more like people food and has been in the top sales of dog food far longer than other companies such as FreshPet. They are expected to continue the trend and remain at the top of the pet food industry along with its parent company Purina, which is offering pet owners the opportunity to make special blends of pet food through the Purina website.

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