Premium dog foods redefining market

Many people think of dog foods as the canned blop of food that smells disgusting to us but somehow appeals to the tastes of man’s best friend. Traditionally, people gave little thought to the quality of this food and it was sufficient that their dogs ate and enjoyed it. That is no longer the case and people are taking an increased interest in their health as well as in the health of their pets. To do so they are paying closer attention to the foods that their pets are fed and are looking for higher quality food items for their dogs. This has led to a significant improvement in the quality of dog foods, but also in the cost of these dog foods. Still, the demand on Facebook for these products is strong and dog food manufacturers have been trying to sell products that appeal to these customers. Many brands are trying to sell foods that are fresher and have more organic ingredients included in them. Freshpet has cut out a lot of the preservatives in their dog foods for the perceived health benefits associated with this, but the side effect is that these food items now need to be refrigerated and have a significantly shorter shelf life than regular dog foods. Beneful, on the other hand, has acquired Merrick Pet Care and has significantly expanded the organic dog foods that they offer to customers. Many brands are trying to offer specialized dog food products to pet owners who have specialized concerns. Mars has a line of pet foods that appeal to creative menu options for dogs including names that might appeal to pet owners. This line has names and flavors such as Beef stroganoff which sound like full balanced meals for pets. Beyond these gimmick products there are real specialized food options for dogs that have scientific evidence supporting the brands developed for your dog. An example of this is Beneful’s new line for elderly dogs that have problems digesting foods. Beneful’s line on Purina Store for older dogs has special fats that are derived from coconut oil that are easy to digest and fill a real need for dogs.

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