Protecting Your Good Name

King Solomon is reported to have said that a good name is far more important than great riches. The truth of that haunts us because of the relative ease in which a person’s name and reputation can be exposed and destroyed. When something we’ve said or is said about us is posted on Facebook or other social media, the world becomes the stage on which our drama and embarrassment is played out.

Sage Lazzaro’s short straight forward article in Observer, 5 Tips for Cleansing Up Goggle Search Results for Your Name, addresses the issue of cleaning up a mess when it occurs on the internet. His five common sense tips include:
Log out before you Goggle yourself.
Identify problematic results and remove what you can.
Develop new content.
Look out for data brokers.
Be proactive.

The man responsible for providing a way for you to clean up your name and image on the internet is entrepreneur and Vanderbilt graduate Darius Fisher. Fisher’s company called Status Labs is a unique start up company that combines traditional PR techniques with online engineers to handle digital crisis and tailor search results. This premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm has over 1,500 customers in thirty-five nations, and it boast a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, famous people, lawmakers, and executives.

Fisher who has been called the ‘Olivia Pope and Associates of the Internet’ by the Daily Beast used his crisis management skills recently to aid victims in the Ashley Mattison hack. He received special mention honors from both The New York Times and Yahoo News for his work with the victims.
We all leave a carbon foot print, and thanks to technology we all have a digital presence on the internet. What that presence says and reveals about us is dependent primarily on what we say or do. But there is a time when embarrassing photos, foolish statements, and regrettable dalliances become fodder for the internet rumor mill. When that happens, all we need do is called Status Labs for cleanup.

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