Richard Mishaan Design is Inspiring New Interior Designers

Richard Mishaan was always intrigued with vivid colors, rich furnishings and intriguing architecture. Indeed, Mr. Mishaan studied and became an architect before falling into his real passion, interior design. Richard has been working in interior design for over 30 years now. His style is certainly unique, and his work is so gorgeous it should be in a museum somewhere. With his background in architecture, he opened Richard Mishaan Design and he has been creating one-of-a-kind interior designs ever since. Richard has a keen eye for merging various styles and time periods.

Others that try his technique often end up with a busy looking mess.A lot of interior designers are also merging different patterns and decor styles. This might appear to be a new trend since it is being shown in magazines and on television. Richard Mishaan Design began this decor type back when it was almost unheard of. Today, Richard Mishaan Design is in high demand with wealthy people, opulent hotels, and the average person on any street. His look transcends all cultures, class divisions and ages.

This designer is in love with all different kinds of art. He likes to use various art pieces to be the focal points in the rooms that he designs. Richard Mishaan Design styles can be eclectic, but this designer never comes across too loud, too chaotic or unfashionable. Many premier hotels have hired Richard Mishaan Design to remodel their fine surroundings. He has decorated hotels in New York City, as well as, South Beach, Florida. Many hotel guests fall in love with the interior decors. Today this Cuban born interior designer is still utilizing modern and refined furniture, bold colors, and different time era accents. Many younger designers are looking at Richard Mishaan Design’s posh and elegant decors, featuring artwork, for inspiration.

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