Sanjay Shah: The Investment Guru Behind Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a British billionaire who has a heart for people with autism. Shah is the current CEO of Solo Capital Partners, a financial services company whose headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. The main points of focus for the company is in proprietary trading in foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives, consultation in the fields of investment, human capital and performance. It also specializes in professional sports investments ranging from talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation to asset and performance management.

Shah founded the company in 2011 after he was rendered redundant during the 2009 financial crunch. According to him, that was a turning point in his life when he decided he did not want to go work at another 9-5 company. Additionally, his likelihood of getting another job in the economy as it was then was close to none. It was at this point that he decided to form his own brokerage firm from the ground up. Five years on, Solo Capital which also has offices in Dubai, has an estimated net worth of 15.45 million Euros. Prior to this, Shah has gained tremendous experience working in the money market as an employee of big financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Why he ended up in the financial services industry remains a mystery seeing as he had begun his education in the school of medicine.

His involvement with autism as a core part of his philanthropic efforts happened when his son got diagnosed with autism. Due to lack of sufficient funds in the government-sponsored hospital he took his son to in Dubai, he was told he had to wait for five years before his son could be attended to. Fortunately for him, he had the money to afford his son the medical care he needed urgently. Wanting to help ease the burden of those who couldn’t afford it like himself, he founded Autism Rocks, a non-profit aimed at raising money to support autism research centers and to raise awareness. With an ownership of close to three dozen companies across Europe and the Middle East, Shah’s estimated network is $280 million.


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