Securus Technologies Provides Data Analytics Tool

Securus Technologies is company based in Dallas, Texas that is a leader in communication technology products and services. The company is the largest provider of technology in the communications field to prisons and correctional facilities across the country. The most well known products that they sell include video messaging services, which utilize current technology but also allow for the prison systems to ensure that any communication that is taking place is done so in a secure manner.
Securus is also a very fast growing company. According to PR Newswire’s review, they currently serve over 3,000 prisons, law enforcement facilities, and correctional facilities across the country, which house over 1.2 million inmates.

While Securus is best known for providing communication technology and solutions to correctional facilities, the company is now boasting that its latest product can provide big data solutions to its customers. The newest product revealed by PR Newswire, which is called THREADS 3.1, is a technology service that provides analytical support of phone calls made in the prison. The service will be able to track calls, direction of calls, frequency of calls, and frequency of certain key words to develop and look for patterns.

Any unusual patters in these phone calls will then be notified to the proper authorities and investigators. This can help to identify crimes taking place both inside the prison and outside of it. It will also help to further ensure the safety of inmates, guards, and visitors of the prisons.

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