Skout Provides Networking and Marketing Opportunities

Along all the apps that are available through Apple’s App Store the Skout app has become my “go to” app. A lot of friends that I talk to have never even heard of this app, but it has become the only social media app that I have on my phone. I used to do a lot of tweeting and posting on my wall, but a lot of this became meaningless for me overtime. I found it I was tedious to entertain people. I made a lot of people laugh, but the problem was that I was not really finding anyone in terms of networking or friendships. It became a routine to simply post messages and look for someone to retweet what I had said. These weren’t real friends. It became more of a popularity thing and for me it became something of a job without pay. It was refreshing to use an app like Skout because this gave me another avenue to explore with social media. For the first time I was able to really communicate with people and network with others that were in the same field of marketing that I was in for my career.

And the advertising business- as with most jobs – it is all about who you know and what they can do for you. I have found Skout to be an excellent site for those that are trying to network and establish themselves in the marketing world. One would think that an app like Twitter would be the best resource for marketing, but I have discovered through Skout that it is not. When I started using Skout I was able to discover a much more meaningful relationship. This is what has allowed me to build a greater network of people that are actually interested in the things that I promote on a long-term basis. I have had some people to follow me through Twitter and they have been fine for a couple of advertisements. In the long run it doesn’t allow me to reach a group of loyal people that will be tapping into anything new that I’m doing. It may only be a one time one shot with a lot of my Twitter followers. When I meet people on Skout, however, I am much more inclined to build up a community of people that are genuinely interested in what I am talking about. This has led me to believe that Skout offers the best options for those that are interested in networking with others that may be going down the same career path that they are following.

There are multitudes of people that are trying to utilize social media to sell products and get people interested in what they are doing. I have found that it is always much easier to solidify a friendship first and then promote the things that you’re good at. When you discover friends through apps like Skout are able to learn who best fits your niche market.

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