Status Labs and the Path to Dealing with Bad Reviews

Bad reviews often reflect a lot of trouble for a small business. Larger companies certainly don’t want to deal with negative reviews, but their size, scope, and reserve assets allow them to weather the loss of a few would-be customers. Small businesses cannot afford to lose customers or find it difficult to draw in new ones. A bad review, particularly a malicious one, can cause an enormous amount of harm.

For those small businesses that are concerned about bad reviews, a solution exists. Taking advantage of a smart solution is a must or else the business is going to suffer.

The New York Times recently published an article on the power of good and bad reviews. In the article, it was accurately pointed out that customers do base decisions on the reviews they read. The presence of bad reviews in Yelp are going to turn people away. Positive reviews, however, are going to draw people in. The mistake entrepreneurs make is they do not take the necessary steps to deal with negative reviews.

Working with a reputation management firm could help. Status Labs is a firm based out of Austin, TX and has opened offices in San Paulo and New York City. The firm has helped more than 1,500 clients who have suffered online reputation damage. This damage does include bad reviews. Publishing rebuttals to the reviews and soliciting reviews that highlight positives are among the ways Status Labs help.

Among the most important forms of help comes in the form of an immediate response. A bad review should not go without a response for long or else a business is going to suffer a lot of resultant misery. Monitoring the internet for reviews and then doing something about the bad ones is necessary in order for a small business to be the driving force that defines its reputation.

Status Labs can help entrepreneurs navigate bad reviews and other reputation woes. The firm can provide crisis counseling on short notice and give insights into the steps necessary to address a bad situation.

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