Stephen Murray: Former BMX Dirt Champion, and Former CEO and President of CCMP Capital

Before he met his death after an illness, Stephen was the CEO and President of CCMP. Being the co-founder of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, he was termed as a terrific dealmaker and an investor who used most of his career skills in private equity. Stephen joined the JPMorgan’s merchant bank in the year 1989 and assisted it to grow into a sizable individual-equity business. Normally, the company invested alongside larger and better-recognized PE firms getting minority stakes in firms, for instance, the concession operator Aramark. Nevertheless, during 2004, the company bid victoriously for the publicly traded drug firm (Warner Chilcott), beating KKR, TPG Capital and Blackstone. That made TPG become very irate and warned of pulling its entire business operations from JPMorgan, which reacted by diving CCMP.

Stephen was named as CEO of the firm (CCMP) year 2007 and assisted the company in establishing new identities with investors. More so, he has been involved into various energy transactions within the United Kingdom and globally. The activities involved developing & financing of key energy projects, mergers & acquisitions, long-term commodity & joint ventures and throughput agreements. Stephen has been working from the day of his birth not to concede to any limits that can stand on the path of his dreams. That included pushing any challenge and everyone who came to his way of achievements. In his cooperate work, he was termed as a person who was lucky to relish his commitments more so witnessed by the progress he made to sport. Stephen’s publications entailed books on the Beauvais, cathedrals of Amiens and Troyes, and his present work can be found on medieval sermons, Bourbonnais Romanesque story-telling in Gothic.

When Stephen got an accident during BMX dirt finals in 22nd June 2007, it was a day that changed his life completely although he never gave up. Stephen fought his way into the leading position of his sport through commitment and determination. He stood up in the manner majority of us only imagined. Stephen did that with the enforcement of the entire society and faced the odd things that came up to the heights that the BMX spirit alone could reach. At times, he was referred as a BMX and through his life and the entire kinds of challenges he faced on daily basis represented the strength and core upon that our society is established. Many still uses Stephen’s inspiration to face their odds and continue their journey of pursuing their dreams.

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