Stephen Murray Leaving a Legacy Behind, CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was born on August 2nd 1962 in the United States of America. He received his education at the Boston College of Columbia a very prestigious business school. Stephen Murray was known to the world as a philanthropist and private equity investor as well as the chief executive officer as well as the president of CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital is a firm that specializes in both equity and buyout transactions. Stephen Murray has been with this company since 1982 but tragically passed away at the age of 52 according to NY, due to health related reasons. Stephen Murray has always been interested in economics even at a young age. In 1984 he graduated from the Boston College with a degree in that specific field, economics. He went on to specialize further and did his masters degree in business administration at the Columbia University in 1989. Stephen Murray started out his work career in 1984 as part of the credit analyst training program at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 1989 there was a merger of 2 companies, the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and the MH Equity Corporation. The private equity group within the firm joined forces with the finance unit.

Due to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s business success he was able to pursue a few philanthropic activities. Murry was a prominent supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Stamford Museum, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and Columbia Business School. Stephen Murray was also an several board of trustees. He found himself as member on the chairman’s council of the Make A Wish Foundation as well as Vice chairman of the board of trustees for the Columbia Business School. These positions he held for several years until his passing.

CCMP Capital was actually previously known as JP Morgan Partners. In July of 2006, the investment professionals at JP Morgan and Partners cut ties from JP Morgan Chase. Since the founding of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital the firm has invested in over $12 billion in both growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout’s. This has given them tremendous insight in to the investment market sector as well as establishing them as one of the top investment capital firms in the United States of America. They are currently ranked 17th among the largest private equity funds on the planet. The firm has over 50 employees spread across several countries. These include Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York. This allows them to cover the European markets, Asian Markets as well as the American Market. In the year 2008 there was a significant change made when Greg Brenneman was elected as chairman of the board.

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