Stevie Award Won By Securus Technologies

The company known as Securus Technologies is one of the world’s premiere providers of criminal justice and civil justice technologies. They operate in the industries of monitoring, corrections, investigation and keeping the public safe. The company recently made the announcement that it won the prestigious Stevie Award for having the best training department for its customer service team. This is the 11th time the Stevie Award has been given out in this category and Securus is honored to receive it.


The Stevie Award is respected around the world as one of the top prizes that can be received for professionals working in the fields of sales, customer service, business development and contact centers. The Stevie Award recognizes companies from around the world and also has programs known as the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards.


This year, the awards were given away in Las Vegas. There was a fancy banquet hosted at Caesar’s Palace, and there were hundreds of important executives from all over the globe in attendance. The panel of judges was composed of experts from the business community. More than 70 judges who have extensive knowledge of business operations evaluated more than 2,000 entries for this year’s Stevie Awards. Prizes were awarded for gold, silver and bronze winning companies. Securus Technologies received the gold medal for its category. One executive from Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, expressed his gratitude for receiving the award. He said that it was wonderful to recieve recognition from the experts who reviewed his company.


Danny also credits his remarkable team of customer service representatives for the work they have done. They are highly skilled in empathizing with the needs of the customer. Customers can be under a great deal of stress, so they need good professionals who will listen to them and give them help in a timely manner.


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