The best way to reduce employee turnover rates

Everybody who is involved in running a business understand that one of the most difficult and often unavoidable issues is employee turnover. For the many reasons that employees may terminate their employment, it is always an expensive and time straining weight that is put on the company. In an article featured in Forbes written by Darius Fisher, the president and founder of Status Labs, he mentions a few ways in which companies can reduce the pain caused by employee turnover rates by increasing the overall satisfaction of employees. After all, an unsatisfied employee in any way will be the most likely to leave.

One of the first ideas mentioned by Fisher is creating incentives for employees if they reach certain goals. Not only will this keep them on track, but will also give them some personal stake in the accomplishment of the business’ overall goals. Along these same lines, it is also important to acknowledge the accomplishments made by employees throughout the year. Nobody likes to go unnoticed when they are working hard and contributing to the company. It can be quite polarizing to never hear a ‘good job’ or something positive from employers. Another way to keep employees engaged is to actually keep them aware of what is going on in the business. It is dangerous to keep employees outside of the loop feeling as though they aren’t apart of the larger picture. This can make it easier for employees to leave if they feel unimportant.

Darius Fisher is the founder of Status Labs, which is one of the most popular and well known online reputation management services in the world. After its founding, Fisher stayed on as president and has continued expanding the company to clients around the world in 35 different countries. Status Labs offers a unique service to high-profile individuals who want their online reputation to be restructured.

Status Lab’s highly skilled team members work with Google page rankings and strategize a way to make an individual’s reputation stand out as respectable and professional as possible during online searches. This isn’t simply to cover up negative aspects about an individual. In fact, Fisher has made many statements declaring the morality behind Status Labs and the refusal to work with any individual they do not deem worthy for their service. Instead, what Status Labs offers is to move focus from an individuals personal life or other private areas and put the online spotlight onto important aspects of their clients’ business or areas they want to promote. It’s about controlling your own personal online reputation, not rewriting it.

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