The Continual Image of One Online Reputation Management Firm

The Austin, Texas crisis management firm called Status Labs specializes in boosting the reputation of damaged firms. They work to improve the relationship between the community, the media, and people with the companies and clients that they serve. They boost the positive and downplay the negative for a company that seeks their help.

However, recently, Status Labs, through no fault of their own, found themselves in a form of danger. A toxic executive, on his own time, performed damaging actions. This hurt the image the public had of Status Labs, even though they did nothing wrong.

As a result, Status Labs now had to restore their own image to the what it deserved to be.

First the company publicly got rid of the executive. This showed the public that the company was focused on moving past the err in judgement. Next, the company posted a team photo and open letter to personify the company that the public had become angry with

Eventually, Status Labs found themselves lacking in community service. They turned to boost their relationship with the surrounding area by working diligently in volunteer programs. Not only did this serve to better the people around them, it also served to boost team camaraderie and spirit. The morale that had been so low since the disaster was once again at heights. Food kitchens and blood drives were just some of the areas of work that Status Labs employees found themselves in.

After the disaster, workplace attitude had been at an all time low. Reporters were constantly in the office and comments were constantly posted on social media. Negative reviews of the company overall seemed to define the attitude of the employees. The president of the company worked to reverse all of those negative feelings.

By continually telling the employees how great at job they were, workplace attitude slowly started to improve. Many other measures were eventually taken to improve the general work flow around the office to fix the damage that had been done.

Through a series of steps, Status Labs began to fix the damage that had been done.

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