The New and Old Ukraine According to George Soros

One of the most popular and successful investors and business magnets in the United States is George Soros. Soros was born in Hungary, obtained most of his education in London in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States to seek fame in investing and finance. He found much fame and fortune there, and now in his older years, he is investing the majority of his time in philanthropy as well as espousing specific views on the European Union and Ukraine.

How George Soros Feels About the Ukraine

Soros has particular views on how the European Union should react to Ukraine wanting to be a part of their exclusive club. Specifically, George Soros Ukraine believes that the European Union should let Ukraine in. He says that they are willing to fight to be a part of European Union, yet they are being ignored by the whole of Europe, and in particular, the Netherlands has rejected their petition to be a part of the Euro Zone.

Soros has penned many pieces on the subject, including several editorials for The New York Times. The Ukraine wants to change, he says, and he vows that they will. He continues that since the pro-European and anti-Russian sentiments erupted last year, things have changed within the borders of Ukraine. This is a new country, he says, and even though they may have been corruption-riddled before, they are willing and want to change for the better. Soros says that the only way to do that is with help from the European Union.

With the Ukraine wanting to become more modern, the EU has a chance to expand its population of pro EU supporters. Soros maintains that the citizens and leaders of Ukraine are willing to fight for the greater good of the EU, and they should let this up and coming country do that. In a way, this makes Soros a champion of the underdog, but he’s fairly used to that role anyway.

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The Merits of Ukraine According to George Soros

George Soros is an optimist when it comes to what is going on the EU and within the borders of Ukraine. He says that Ukraine’s people want better jobs, and they want to become more like western Europeans. To do this, says Soros, they need to be allowed to be a part of the Euro Zone. Otherwise, they are at the hands and the mercy of Russia, who greatly opposes the EU.

In some ways, Soros is giving a presentation on the merits of this year’s new Ukraine against last year’s old Ukraine. There are definitely going to be challenges between these two entities, and he isn’t denying this. The old Ukraine is wont to continue their old ways of instability and corruption. The reformers of the new country are facing not only the people who want that old way of life to continue, but they’re also up against Russia and their contempt for the EU.

We cannot say what will happen yet. But George Soros definitely wants it on record that he is siding with Ukraine.

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