The New Era and Its Benefits

There is a digital solution for most problems we are presented in today’s world. I tend to skew positive, so I have found ways to benefit my life by incorporating the most relevant new and emerging technologies to solve personal issues of which I had no solution prior to the digital revolution. I personally utilize many of these new technologies into the care of my aging parents. Even a decade ago, I did not foresee a method by which I could care for my parents without great sacrifice from my immediate family. With these new technologies from Shaygan, not only is this now not the case, but they will be able to remain independent for many more years than previously thought. This frees up much time for progressing my immediate family in life.

We have no problem making this sacrifice, but it placed much stress on my parents who believed that our caring for them would deprive us of some things of which they felt we deserved to achieve in life. However, much of the time it requires to achieve these goals has also been alleviated due to many technological advances. In college now, my kids do not have to spend time in a physical library to do research. When I was in college, this was a major portion of the time spent in college. As soon as classes were over, we all headed to the libraries to perform research and study. Additionally, the time to type these pages of research has been greatly minimized. Now, my kids utilize software to dictate their information orally.

The technology then corrects this spoken word as it is entered into word processing digitally. So they have plenty of time to help their grandparents. They actually relish this time with their grandparents because they feel like they are contributing, and they are. As my kids teach my parents the new technology, my parents do not feel so much like the world is passing them by. However, it is still very weird getting texts from them. They currently secure themselves rides to the grocery store and even have their house cleaned via an app and their grandchildren, and they receive medicine reminders via alarms from their smartphones. It is truly a new world from what we were experiencing or expecting, but it has wholly been a positive experience.

I began to integrate these services into our lives because of the experience of my kids, and at first, I did not trust these technologies would endure. However, now, they are complete necessities for all of my family. I began to trust them as I saw companies like Verizon embrace these technologies and began to pioneer new ones. Shaygan Kheradpir pushed this company into expanding into these fields as a business model. As CEO, he was responsible for Verizon’s success because he believed in the technologies, and he had a forward-thinking vision about their further dominance in the world today. It seems simple, but this required great forethought.

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