The Stars of YouTube

The internet is home to many different forms of entertainment one of the most well recognized sources being the website YouTube. Since its start date in 2005, YouTube has featured millions of user videos, some informational and helpful and others just for the viewers enjoyment. Because of the sites popularity its not surprising that there is a whole world of famous users whose videos boast millions of views and whose channels have thousands of subscribers. Some of these internet personalities feature comedic videos while others are well known for their information tutorials and useful tips and tricks on a given topic.
Wengie is one such YouTube sensation who provides useful and helpful tips and tricks on a very popular topic; makeup. Australian native, Wengie, currently runs two successful YouTube channels and is one of the country’s most popular online video personalities. The uploads on Wengie’s main channel mostly consist of reviews and tutorials of popular makeup techniques and brands as well as occasional updates on her life like a tour of the her new apartment. Many of her videos are instructional tutorials on Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle and her YouTube channel has close to 800,000 subscribers.
One of Wengie’s very first introductions into the world of social media was through her blog; The Wonderful World of Wengie. Originally the blog was created as a hobby and a creative outlet but in time it became one of Australia’s most popular blogs. Her YouTube channel quickly gained fame and Wengie eventually started her second account which features videos of her singing covers of songs by artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake as well as general updates. This channel also has a significant number of subscribers and viewers. Consequently, Wengie’s other social media outlets also boast significant numbers of fans and followers, including her Instagram account, where the young 29 year old most recently chose to publically announce her engagement in August of 2015.
Other famous YoutTube personalities include Pewdiepie, Dan and Phil, Grace, Jenna Marbles and a number of other popular names from all across the globe. Some of these YouTubers are there too teach and others are there just to provide comedic relief and all of them add to the special form of entertainment unique to the internet.

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