Top Event Planning in New York City

Culture Map Houston just featured an article with an interview of DeJuan Stroud about his New York party days with the likes of big shots like Jon Bon Jovi, Donald Trump and Micheal Bloomberg. In the interview, Stroud shares stories of planning events such as a party for Donald Trump at Lincoln Center where Aretha Franklin was the guest performer. He also shares some of the secrets of success in planning an amazing party that he has learned over the years. He says that having an exciting environment is perhaps the most important ingredient in making sure that any party is a success so that guests feel comfortable at the event right off the bat. He also says good lighting is a must.

Twenty Three Layers is a top notch event planning and design firm that is based out of New York City. Twenty Three Layers is widely recognized for its experience in all different kinds of event planning, including formal corporate events as well as glamorous evenings for personal celebrations. It is the attention to detail and committment to planning that sets Twenty Three Layers from other event planning companies in the industry. Twenty Three Layers is willing to go the extra mile to make sure every event they host is a success.

Because Twenty Three Layers is connected to some of the biggest names and most prominent clients in the area, it has access to some of the most impressive venues for hosting any event. Twenty Three Layers relies on a wide network of resources to think outside of the box for any event that they plan, which makes for a very memorable experience. Twenty Three Layers also has the right connections to get the very best and most sought after vendors at any corporate event. Jessica Boskoff, the founder and CEO of Twenty Three Layers, has the experience and creative thinking that has launched the company into being a top event planning company in the industry. She has a true passion for creativity and takes great pride in treating each event she plans as her very own.

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