Top Mobile Applications in Q4 2015 and Expected Performance for 2016

Mobile applications are very dominant in today’s world. A majority of people that own mobile devices have at least one application on them. With technology, it is now possible to get an app for practically everything. Understanding the use of mobile applications is important, especially for developers. Drawbridge, a cross-device marketing company, conducted research on the use of mobile applications for different platforms like Android and iOS.

A Look at Past Performance

The analyses were determined by looking at unique daily users (UDU) and unique monthly user (UMU) for the last quarter of 2015. The research also took a look at the ad requests that users made. For the Android platform, Clean Master was the winner for the months of October, November and December. It had 49.6 million UDU and 151.7 million unique monthly users. The second app for the three months was CM Security Antivirus Applock with 24.8 million UDU and 78.6 million UMU.

Three different apps topped the list for the iOS platform in Q4 2015, Tango in October, iFunny in November and Words With Friends in December. When looking at the UDU for that period, Words With Friends took the top spot with 3.3 million UDU and UMU of over 8.6 million. The first runner-up on the chart was while iFunny came in third.

Projected Performances

Drawbridge also gave some insight into some of the apps that will be at the top of the most-used list for the Q1 2016. There are expectations that security apps will remain dominant on the Android platform. Social apps like Skout will also see an increase, particularly with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Skout is a social site that doubles as a dating application. Since its formation in 2007, the app has a lot of users. What makes it stand out is that it is location-based. It allows people from different regions to make friends online through the use of GPS technology.

What Skout Offers

The description of Skout is “the largest international platform for meeting new people and broadening your social circles.” It is available in 14 languages and over 180 countries. Android and iOS mobile users can get it on their devices. Over the years, there have been tweaks here and there allowing users to experience more. A travel feature is one of the options that users have. This particular feature enables users to travel virtually. When you are going on a trip, you can use the application to trace people in that region. A user can make contacts in their destination before they even get there.

Nixter and Fuse are two parts of Skout that are revolutionizing social networking. Fuse uses the contacts on a user’s device to create a network. Users can join groups and share photos. One of the founders, Christian Wiklund, said that Fuse was a spinoff of Skout because it was not possible to add more features on the latter. Nixter is a nightlife app that makes it possible for party goers to find events. With the various options that Skout offers, the first quarter of 2016 will be good for the application, especially with people seeking companionship for Valentines Day.

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