We Recently Met Someone Who Impressed Us

He is definitely a renaissance man in a truly contemporary fashion. Beginning as a very young man at Denver East High School, Jon Urbana’s athletic abilities earned him three varsity letters in both lacrosse and tennis. Continuing in Lacrosse for the Villanova Wildcats, by 2004 he was Colonial Athletic Associations Defensive Player of the Year…

An indication of his love of sports and lacrosse in particular, is obvious in his decision to co-found Next Level Lacrosse Camps, situated in a beautiful Colorado setting. The yearly camp is designed to help young lacrosse players enhance their skills and be coached by Jon Urbana and other lacrosse professionals from around the country as well as members of the Denver Outlaws.

In addition to his sports interest and ability, he became interested in music, teaching himself to play guitar and use electronic methods. You can hear his meaningful and powerful songs on Soundcloud and even some on Tumblr.


Clearly unwillingly to stop there, he also reveals a deep devotion to giving back, and has established foundations for the environment and the welfare of animals. He is seeking support for Earth Force, Inc. on Gofundme to help raise funds to be used entirely for environmental problems and with the intention of involving young activists to help bring about the change he knows is necessary. With success and fame, he clearly has a great heart and is a passionate supporter of improving many local and world issues.

As if that were not enough, he has stretched his passions to include business ventures. One is them is as Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies. This company is on the cutting edge of innovative medical advancements for spinal and orthopedic implants.

Obviously a person with a growing interests and involvements, he is sure to continue exploring the modern world and all it has to offer in years to come.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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