WEN By Chaz Rescues Blogger With Sad Limp Locks And Delivers A-List Hair

Big, bouncy, shiny hair shouldn’t have to only be a dream. Resorting to extensions and other faux solutions don’t do anything for the health of your hair. It is possible to transform your crowning glory into a Hollywood masterpiece, and WEN by Chaz can take you to that level with his unique no lather shampoo system.
Bustle blogger Emily McClure was cursed with fine, thin hair that misbehaves every chance it can, causing daily frustration and anxiety. She wanted hair that would hold a style and was smooth and super glossy, so she decided to give Wen hair a whirl and try their special cleansing conditioner.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the famous celebrity west coast stylist Chaz Dean to suit all hair types. His plan was totally different from the store bought shampoos and conditioners laden with harsh detergents. WEN was all about the strength, shine and manageability of hair, thanks to the natural plant-based formulas. Lather was not a concern, because it isn’t part of this revolutionary cleansing and conditioning system. Check out Wen hair products on Total Beauty.com or on Sephora cosmetics and you’ll be delighted.

Emily kept a 7-day hair diary with hair selfies to show readers how WEN by Chaz was working. Immediately, Emily loved how the product almost doubled her hair in thickness as she massaged it in the shower. When she emerged with softer, shinier tresses, she got even greater results after blow-drying and styling. Her hair looked A-list and close friends wanted to know her secret.

Take a look at Emily’s hair selfies; they show gorgeous, healthy hair with movement.

Emily enjoyed her 7-day WEN by Chaz hair journey, as long she she followed a daily AM WEN wash and the effort put into using the hair tools.

Emily believes WEN works best if you can take the time for this unique, no lather shampoo system. Visit the Wen hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


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