Why the U.S. Money Reserve Won Multiple Awards for Creative Work

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve was recognized for receiving multiple awards for creative work. While it may seem unusual for an institution like the Money Reserve to win an award for creative work, the recognition was for talented videography. They were specifically awarded twice for Creativity in Cinematography, but the other award was for creative commercials. The Reserver made commercials that featured real life customers, giving the U.S. Money Reserve the edge with real-time testimonials.


While these awards are tops for the industry, this also says a lot about the team behind the creative work. The U.S. Money Reserve could not be happier, and taking home two more awards was a proud moment for all who worked on these projects. The Award of Distinction and the Honorable Mention were both awarded for a project entitled, “Pearl Harbor Show”.


The CEO, Angie Koch stated that she was more than proud of the teams work, but she also wanted to point out that it was important to show the world what they do, and why they are so passionate about it. The creative work gives the U.S. Money Reserve and opportunity to convey what they do and what their mission and vision is through TV productions as well as those commercials.


The organization responsible for the awards ceremony and judging is the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP). The organization seeks out those who are inspiring their audience creatively, and they are also looking for creative ways to earn new customers. Those who exemplify the highest standards of creativity in their marketing campaigns through media are most likely to get the nominations for the awards.


The Telly Awards also took place recently, giving an award to the U.S. Money Reserve yet again for a spot that they call “Philip Diel IRA”. The U.S. Money Reserve received the bronze for this spot, but they will continue to work on their creative ability for future productions to improve their chances of winning the gold.


The Videographer Awards is focused on those who enter into the contest as freelancers, but these professionals are often associated with organizations. There are numerous marketing and production specialists that put together productions each year, and the organization runs at the international level.

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