William Skelley’s Contribution to the Growth of iFunding

Globally, real estate development has continued to increase over the last few decades. The emergence of real estate crowdfunding has significantly propelled the real estate industry to greater heights. The investors that contribute to crowdfunding for real estate development end up making money through this. This has also helped many families across the world become home owners and erecting commercial offices and malls. One of the pioneers in real estate crowdfunding is iFunding which has significantly shaped real estate funding in the United States.

The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders held a dinner event for its members in real estate funding industry at the Columbus Citizens Foundation on the 27th January 2016. The dinner event was hosted by the real estate mogul Michael Stoler who is the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital. The invite only event, saw other notable figures in the industry grace the dinner event including moguls from leading real estate funding firms like Carlyle Group, Cushman and Wakefield, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, CIT and Kushner Companies.

William Skelley is one of the first people in the United States who adopted the idea of crowdfunding for real estate developments after the ruling of Title II of the JOBS Act. Through his efforts, iFunding has come to be recognized as one of the most trusted online alternative real estate investments since 2012 when he founded it. His primary task is overseeing developmental activities which have helped with financing of more than forty real estate development projects to the tune of two hundred and fifty million dollars. Before he founded iFunding, he had also founded an investment bank that managed the underwriting of two billion dollars in real estate development transactions that ended up acquiring hundreds of millions of dollars in financing. He also worked at Rose Pak Advisors, worked at General Electric, Olympus and also acted as a financial advisor to several startup businesses in the States.

Mr. Skelley’s success at iFunding has been shaped by his business studies at the prestigious Harvard Business School and at Hobart College. As a pioneer in this industry he has invaluable insights in the evolution of commercial real estate and has been invited by the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital and host of The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report to speak about it.

iFunding mainly focuses on real estate crowdfunding ranging from residential homes, commercial premises for businesses and funding for malls and mixed use buildings. The firm provides opportunities for accredited investors who have an interest in real estate investing to invest only at a minimum amount of five thousand dollars and track how their investments are performing.

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