Yeonmi Park Battles The Critics

A story like the one created by Yeonmi Park has become some that millions of people are talking about. After all, this is her autobiography. It has become the thing that people hate to believe happened, but they cannot stop reading it.

Yeonmi Park has gone to to make it known that she is telling the truth, and that the naysayers are simply trying to discredit her. They are trying desperately to dismantle the story that only Yeonmi knows.

One of the main reasons that she has had this battle is because she is gaining so much fame. The story hit the New York Times Bestseller list. From there, it became a hit that would open the eyes of so many people that knew nothing about North Korea defectors. It was rather obvious that she would have some critics to fight off, but she didn’t think that there would be so many people criticizing her own story.

Yeonmi Park has built a platform on youngvoicesadvocates around this, and she plans to actually inform more people about human rights through her actions as a public speaker. The book was a good foundation for her to start this, but somehow it is become something that the critics are trying to dismantle. She needs some people that are in her corner, and many of her fans are standing up for her. A lot of her supporters are others from North Korea that had to endure the same thing. Everyone that endured these hardships did not write a book. She has become the mouthpiece for so many others. That is why her story continues to be a bestseller.

Park isn’t taking lightly to the NK News critics though. She also has become someone that is poised and ready to defend her autobiography. Yeonmi knows that her words were true, and she is not backing down. Yeonmi Park has become someone that is confident after so much hardship. She has become an activist that wants to share her story. Park wants the chance to help others. This is why she takes on the battle with her critics head-on.


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