Yeonmi Park – North Korean Defector Famous For Personal Story


Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea whom traveled to South Korea through China. Her time spent in North Korea was marked by abuse and starvation; suicide was frequently something which she considered in order to escape her pain. Her father had no concept of democracy, thus she grew up with no idea of what it meant to live in a democratic society. Her escape happened with her mother at the age of 13. While escaping, Yeonmi was nearly raped (but saved because her mother offered herself to the trafficker). Yeonmi’s trafficker sold her mother as a bride, and offered to buy her mother back if Yeonmi were to be his mistress.

Most whom have heard of Yeonmi Park’s story have been impressed with her ability of surviving against all odds. However, many have found that there are loopholes with her story. Her story is captivating, and the North Korean government has attempted to discredit the story. Yeonmi Park told DailyMail she took her first steps out of North Korea just so that she could achieve her goal of being free. Yeonmi was eventually able to escape the torturous life in China.

She was hungry and desperate to escape her situation in order to build a better life for herself. Much of what she ate was not considered to be nutritious, as it often consisted of bugs. Most North Koreans do what they can to survive in the harsh environment. Undoubtedly, Yeonmi Park still feels like a target of the North Korean government despite her new life in South Korea which is free from the Korean Regime. She spoke of her experience at the One Young World Summit in 2014, a very popular video on Youtube which has been seen by 1 million viewers.



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